Prowler Chrysler Roadster Candy Red for sale in Kyiv

Chrysler prowler roadster candy red for sale

Chrysler Prowler Roadster Candy Red for sale in Kyiv!

Final (last) production – only 300 cars were produced in this color!!!

The world’s only mass-produced hot rod! Aluminum body and aluminum frame!

Without mileage in Ukraine! 100% customs in Ukraine! New car condition!

Sports aluminium engine 3.6l (previous releases of Prowler had an ordinary iron engine!).

The car was assembled by hand at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant (CAAP) in Detroit, Michigan in 2002.

The most complete equipment: subwoofer, AM/FM stereo, cassette player, cruise control, multi-steering wheel, 20″ chrome wheels, on-board computer on the mirror, etc.

Successfully earns money in advertising and show business.

Exchange is possible

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